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AmChamUS is unwaveringly pro-American and pro-American enterprise. AmChamUS gives a clear voice to businesses of all sizes and sectors, advocates for pro-business policies that create jobs and drive our economy forward, and unites business leaders and policymakers to ensure conversations that need to happen are happening.

The AmChamUS mission is clear: create the type of environment where businesses can do what they do best—excel, innovate, increase employment, and create opportunities. 

Why work with AmChamUS?

Our culture is founded on American core values that drive and unite us:


All resources committed to AmChamUS is a resources earned by a hardworking business. We take seriously the trust our members place in us, and AmChamUS makes the most of these resources.


Each day our members head to work, open for business and deliver. We bring that same intensity of commitment to our work every day.


AmChamUS represents a range of experiences, perspectives and ideas. We cannot credibly represent the interests of our members if we do not fully embrace diversity and inclusion.


AmChamUS is judged not just by our output, but how we perform our tasks. AmChamUS hold itself to the highest work and ethical standards.


AmChamUS is of the belief our organization and our membership succeed when we work together — businesses, communities and government. While we support the individual, and individual rights, AmChamUS believes in the power of partnership, which is stronger than individual efforts.


Work is AmChamUS' passion. AmChamUS is driven by this passion whereby business can affect a positive, long-lasting change for America first, then the world.


AmChamUS is committed to free speech. While we may not always agree, we will always agree to disagree with respect, and act with civility.


AmChamUS is pro-active, not re-active. AmChamUS participates in all that is business as players, not mere bystanders — we take smart risks and don’t back down.

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